Histórias de sucesso

Histórias de sucesso

O tratamento com Orthocaps já foi realmente testado?

Sim, milhares de vezes, na verdade. Mais de xxx.xxxx(aqui preciso de um número concreto, se possível)pacientes na Alemanha e na Europa já foram tratados com êxito com o Sistema Orthocaps TwinAligner. Gostaríamos de lhe apresentar alguns deles – eis as suas histórias.


“ I am very satisfied with my orthocaps tooth alignment! ”

Mr R. B., student

“ I had an irregular upper jaw position. Above all, treatment is painless and the aligners are very comfortable to wear.”

“ Experiences with orthocaps aligners are consistently positive. ”

Mrs S. M., employee

“ I was panicky and afraid of the dentist, told myself that I was doing it for me, and was actually completely pleasantly surprised. What won me over was that you can hardly see them – it is truly invisible tooth alignment. ”

“ It was successful very quickly. ”

Dr J. M., lawyer

“ I think that the orthocaps aligners are a wonderful solution in older patients to straighten malpositioned teeth. These invisible braces for adults are a truly comfortable and discreet treatment option in professional life. ”

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